Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring baskets

On Feb 25th I planted up 6 hanging baskets with evergreen shrubs, ivies and violas. You can see how this was done by going to my information sheet "planting spring baskets" which you will find at

The baskets are being grown for display at the Harrogate Spring show, on behalf of one of my distributors - Hotbox International

The baskets have been grown on for one month now in a frost protected greenhouse. The top picture shows a couple of baskets as they are today - 26th March, the lower photo is how they looked immediately after planting. There's about another 4 weeks until the show so I am hoping the baskets fill out some more so that the plastic can't be seen at all by then. At the show the display will show the "Hotbox" Heliomatic 130 being used to water the hanging basket display.

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